SunCruz Port Richey Casino
Port Richey, Florida
AVOID!!! (this place is now called Tropical Breeze.) Thinking about trying this place for over a year and asking locals about it. Against the negative comments I received, most second hand, I visited this casino anyway. BIG MISTAKE! I am a seasoned gambler. First of all the boat is MUCH smaller than I imagined, the same length as the ferry boat that took me out there. Everything about the place is run down, in disrepair and filthy. The dealers seemed nice enough, the captains handled the boats great. The staff obviously don't make a lot of money but everyone was polite enough and I tried to tip generously to brighten their day. Some of them didn't seem too pleased to be there or were over worked, but they tried, I doubt they get treated very well. The table games seems legit, but I don't know about the slots. This place was NOT fun. The table limits were so low a real gambler cannot bet properly. Roulette $10 max per number, $50 mac on the 2:1's, $5 table minimum. They don't even offer marked chips so if you want to gamble with anything other than $1 you are limited to one each player using value $25 or $5 chips on the inside. Blackjack also had low limits with a $100 max bet. They seem to cater to people that really don't know how to gamble and most of the people coming off the boat were complaining of loosing their entire bankroll, which was $50 or $100 and less, which shows what type of people this place attracts. Found one $1 slot machine, the rest all penny to 25 cents, didn't even bother. I am not a gambling snob, but this place is not glamorous, exciting or fun and if the upkeep of the vessel is anything like the looks of the casino itself, probably not even safe. Unlike a real casino this place seems to take advantage of the uneducated or inexperienced gamblers with small bankrolls that are almost guaranteed to go home with less than they came with. In summary, disappointed is an understatement, avoid this place.