Bridgette Miller
Mazatzal Casino
Payson, Arizona
"Bridgette Miller"
Absolutely appallingly rude staff. As a guest of the hotel while on a business trip, I was treated as a "threat" by security as I tried to walk the 5 steps from the hotel front desk the the exit door. Why, because I was bare foot! That's right, I left me tennis shoes in my car and instead of wearing high heals while in my sweat shorts, I ran downstairs bare foot. And just so we are all on the same page, it was 7:00am with no other guest around. There is no secondary exit for the hotel because they want to drive you through the Casino. So as I attempted to walk out the front door, I was flanked by two security guards refusing to let me walk the 5 feet. If that wasn't bad enough, one of them followed me down the hall and confronted me again. I was then threatened that if I used the back exit, security would have me arrested!!! Not only was I completely shocked but as a 47 year old business woman, I'm being addressed as "kiddo." Beyond disgraceful.