katrina Fawcett
Royal Dutch Hotel & Casino Europa Royal Dutch Hotel & Casino Europa
San Jose
"katrina Fawcett"
Right where do i start , spent a week here and oh my god wot a hotel . Return home last night after a week from HELL, Lets start with the food it was under cooked bland no taste at all ,and every day had the same foods on the menu ,food that was nt eaten at lunch and evening meals went into the snack bar in the afternoon and late evening, which was reheated .Flies going onto the food that was left in snack bar area. Staff very unfriendly, unwilling to help in any way .Bar staff only smiled if u gave them a tip to which they rang a bell drinks very watered down ,people drinking from 9am till 12 midnight all day every day .Rubbish left all over the place from snack bar near swimming pool , and kids being allowed to throw rubbish in the swimming pools to which was left in there for days at a time , not once did we see any member of staff or otherwise clean out pools ..Very Very dirty . Rooms very dated decor beds very hard to sleep on and uncomfortable ,Bathroom- bath very dirty could nt use as had rust in the bottom.taps rusted and had nt been clean for months shower head didnt work and the sink only hot tap worked properly . Shower curtain disgusting had mildew on it .The only item to be cleaned very well was the toilet ..Right now to the best part was the entertainment we had every night ,,DUE TO VERY HEAVY DRINKING of some people ARGURMENTS AND PUNCH UPS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and staff DID NOTHING ABOUT IT ,it took them that long to come and sort anything out security wot a joke too frightened to step in and help people .SO 6 NIGHTS OUT OF 7 WE HAD FIGHTS SCREAMING BANGING DOORS AT ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT and this was just in the hotel,Not a place for children , You can hear all the noice coming from the road busses dropping and picking up all day and night very noisy, when the night clubs shut around 6 am u can hear all the screaming and carrying ons as its just over the road from the hotel , u hear lots of noice as the rooms hav NO AIR CON in them so u have to leave ur door open to get some air in .You have to pay for a remote for the tele but be warned only 1 channel in english,,, The locals name this hotel BEIRUT and to be honest it fits it down to a t.. Would NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYBODY .its that BAD all in all a waste of money PEOPLE U WILL BE RIPPED OFF HERE ... AND NO FREE WIFI .. LOCATION.. Near the city center shoppin restaurants and bars nearby..Bus station just over the road next to the police station and hospital up the road so sirens goin off all the time too .. Service Reception and Housekeeping NEEDS TO BE IMPROVED ALOT .. WOULD NOT GO BACK TO H TOP GRAN CASINO ROYAL as all can give this hotel 2 out of a 100 would come back to Llorett de mar ....