Emma Dix
Royal Dutch Hotel & Casino Europa Royal Dutch Hotel & Casino Europa
San Jose
"Emma Dix"
This hotel is clean but thats the only good thing i can say about it i just returned from 10 nights there on friday it is NOT a family hotel music banging til all hours fighting screaming on balconies we was lucky to ave had 2 full night sleeps food was ok if u like pasta pool way too deep for children in fact a child was drowning in pool no staff came to help only people on side of pool helped they do ave a kids pool but its more for babies as it only went to my sons ankles whos 9 and 4 children in it and it was full complaints were made to reception bout noise but nothing done about it it took staff 2 days to fix a bulb in bathroom!!!!! This hotel is in the night live of lloret night clubs after nightclubs.never would i stay here again!!!!!!!!