Jon Garon
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"Jon Garon"
OK, here's the facts. I ordered several cases of Lighthorse Cabernet which B-21 advertised ON THEIR WEBSITE as NAPA Valley Cabernet. It showed up and it is NOT from Napa Valley. I called them and they admitted they had an error on the site and fixed it (look now - it doesn't say Napa anymore). They said I could return it. But it was good, so I said that's OK, I'll just keep it. So the manager told me if I bought more wine they would deliver it free to me (we are about 100 miles from Tarpon Springs on the way to Orlando). So I called them to say OK, I'll buy some more and then they CHANGED THEIR STORY and said "Well, you have to order $500 worth of wine to get free delivery so you would have to buy 2 more bottles of wine for a total $45 to reach that goal." Smart business practice. Not to mention that I can buy one of my favorite wines, Coppola Claret Cabernet for $1.00 a bottle LESS locally! I would caution anyone to be very careful buying from B-21. They are not what they clain to be and they cheated me. And their prices aren't even competitive.