Todd Russell
Muckleshoot Casino Muckleshoot Casino
Auburn, Washington
"Todd Russell"
Wife and I have been coming here on and off since the week it opened. The casino has grown and expanded but has consistently provided a good gaming selection (although we wish they had more video keno machines) and overall payback value. It's an above average gaming experience with a player's card that is actually worth getting. We've both hit a few jackpots over the years. The staff is friendly. Entertainment inside is varied and good and you can play slots near the bar and still hear the music pretty well. It's crowded getting into the entertainment because it is often (always?) free. You don't really see any name acts coming to the casino, mostly cover bands and the like, but the price is right. Food? There are several good food outlets including a good buffet, so no need to leave to get food. All priced reasonably and if you play a few hours at a minimum $1-2 bet on the slots you probably can generate enough points to pay for at least one meal. On our most recent visit they added a cool wheel spin thing that we noticed on the machines themselves where you spin it to get free play, so be sure to 'view account' on the machines and check that out. Our only criticism and the reason we took away 1 star is they don't have a hotel. Why they haven't added one yet is a bit of a mystery since there is a ton of space in/around the casino to build one, but you can find hotels not too far away down the hill. If you're visiting the area, despite not having a hotel, you'll want to visit the Muckleshoot. It's one of the biggest and best casino experiences in Washington state.