Jesse Jones
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La Uruca
"Jesse Jones"
My regular hotel was full, so I had to change it up this time. Unfortunately, I was less than impressed with the Crowne Plaza. First off, once you check in, you have to find the elevator (singular). It's not in (or NEAR) the lobby. You have to wander back through several hallways, making 7-8 turns, past a bunch of guest rooms, before you find it (it makes no sense). Once you find the elevator, you will discover that it's tiny (about 3' x 5' TOPS), the carpet is ragged and worn, and it smells like an old gymnasium. At least it ran smoothly! The hallways themselves have no logical order or pattern to them, the just wind around in seemingly random patterns. The signs DO point you in the right way, but you find yourself twisting and turning all around for no apparent reason. The room was decently clean, but the bathroom was TINY! The bathroom door barely clears the toilet by 1/2" and you have to close that door to access the shower. If you try to put the bath mat down on the slick floor, you'll discover that the undercut of the door is too shallow, and it won't fit - the door will just push the mat around, leaving you with nowhere safe to step out of the shower. Overall, just not impressed. And it wasn't even cheap, to compensate!

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