Kathleen Beebe
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Atlantic City, New Jersey
"Kathleen Beebe"
I stayed at Caesars AC 9/26-30th 2016. I got there at 2:35 pm. The line was not too long about 10 people ahead of me. When i checked in it was 2:55 pm I did notice a sign while waiting on line that if you check in before 3:00 pm there would be a $10.00 early check in fee. By the time i checked in and gave and got my ID back with my keys it was 3:05 pm. I'm thinking it's after 3:00 pm so everything is cool. The woman that checked me in should have made me aware of the fee and that i would be charged if i decide to go to my room now.what if some people did not notice the sign for some reason? how do you just assume its okay to do this. It;s bad enough that they charge all these extra fees for things I don't use. I don't drive to use parking or any of those things that may be listed on the coupons they give you . $20 off spa treatments that cost $99.00 and up.No food and drink beverage was offer to me. She did not even offer me any coupons but I saw other people using them. At least offer 10% off room service which i did use . Or $5.00 off the buffet there. Both prices were over the hill. And why is there a $5.00 service charge just to place an order from room service? Plus an 18% gratuity for the host and tax? come on give us commoners a break. I love Caesars and it's been a while since i stayed here. Boy have things change. Let;s consider the people who really like to stay and play here not just the high rollers and such. I'm a senior living on a fixed income. They should think about the money it takes to get here ,spending money, for the room you booked any food and beverages consume while there. I just wanted a plain butter criossant from the 24 hour food court, but not for $4.75 plus tax. It was very disappointing to see every thing so sky high. Last point, I read on line while booking my trip that Total Rewards were honoring the Trump card . If you have comps and tier points they would add it to the Total Rewards card. When i went to the booth to check it out after waiting on line they said it was only for the Chairman Trump card holders. Why did't they make that clear on line so I would not waste my time? Well, enough said I think you get my point !