Richard Mejia
Gold Dust West Reno
Reno, Nevada
"Richard Mejia"
"Your House Full Of Friends" is a crock of (expletives deleted). My wife and I, as locals, thought we had found a nice place to play and eat, and we have played and eaten there, spending/losing money, but usually having a nice time.We even have the entry level Gold Card. However, these self-called "friends" will be QUICK TO TELL YOU TO "LEAVE" if you are only there to quietly watch a football game and drink soda pop. If you are not "eating, drinking or gambling," then you are considered to be "loitering." I could understand this if they were busy and needed the chair, but they weren't. I quietly left. I don't think my wife nor I will go back to spend/lose any more of our money, nice time or not. "House Full Of Friends?" (all quotations are their words, not mine).