Matt Kline
Showboat Atlantic City Showboat Atlantic City
Atlantic City, New Jersey
"Matt Kline"
Overall had a good stay but the little things, things easily corrected, made it a bit sour. First did the early check in- I think around 12- which cost $10 extra for some reason- but whatever. Going up to our floor we encountered the cleaning staff, around 5 carts and at least that many cleaners. I noticed a near empty glass of something (scotch?) sitting on the floor outside the door across from our room. Despite the group of cleaners moving through the halls that glass was still there when we checked out around 9 the next day. The vending machine on our floor sold bottled water for $2.25. The bottle you get is smaller than a can of soda. The bottles are hidden behind a panel so you don’t know what size you’re getting until it’s too late. A place at the mall across the pier sold the standard size bottles, at least three times the size, for the same price. Naturally you’d assume that that was what you were getting. The worst though was Tazza. We were the only customers there. We waited patiently for gelato at the counter for several minutes. Thought maybe I was in the wrong and had to go to the register to order. Walked over to find eight people standing behind the counter talking. There were two women standing at the register. One said hi, the other couldn’t get away fast enough, almost tripping as she squeezed past the other six. The one that said hi looked as though she were afraid that I was going to order something and did her best to ignore me while I was standing there. I thought maybe the other had scurried off to find someone actually willing to take our order, but she didn’t return. Not one of the eight people behind that counter wanted to wait on a customer, so we left. Never encountered anything as bizarre as that. I guess when you’re selling croissants for $5 a piece you can afford to ignore a customer or two. Like I said a few easily corrected things put a damper on our stay. Which is a shame because otherwise- fantastic. So if you're going, take your own water and skip Tazza...