Tyler Gremban
Big Dog's Draft House Big Dog's Draft House
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Tyler Gremban"
Awful experience. Came here as new Packers fans in the area looking for a good game day experience. After learning this was one of the main Packers bars in Las Vegas, we decided to check it out. After waiting for nearly 20 minutes to have a drink order taken at our table, it then took further follow-up on our part to receive drinks on two separate occasions. On to the food. The fish and chips was the worst attempt at deep fried fish that I have ever had the misfortune to have eaten. It tasted like mushy plastic covered in batter straight out of a Sysco box. Upon FINALLY being asked about our meal, the waiter admitted he had told the kitchen the fish was awful as well. After I asked for my bill I proceeded to wait an additional 15 minutes with no bill in sight. I went inside, finally tracked someone down to bring me my bill, and paid. Upon leaving, I was accused by two separate employees of having not paid my bill, despite having just paid. Overall I was highly disappointed with this experience, and I will be finding other places to recommend Packer fans and anyone else attend long before I ever send them here.