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Oct 7 '16 at 19:59

Christopher Bearkland

Christopher Bearkland
I have sailed Carnival several times. My last experience with Carnival was most likely my last. The ship was decorated like a cheap Vegas Casino off the main strip. I slipped and fell down wet stairs that were not clearly marked and twisted my ankle. On board the doctor acknowledged the cruise line was at fault and said they would pay to have me examined on shore. After I got off the ship, Carnival told me in not so many words, that I will have to get a lawyer if I want them to pay for treatment due to their negligence. They then told me that they covered the cost of their on board doctor as if they were doing me a favor. I was told by a lawyer, I had a case, but opted against fighting them over a couple hundred bucks in doctors fees. There are certainly other cruise lines with nicer ships and better service. Don't fall for the discounted cruise, remember you get what you pay for.