Axle Mariani
Fremont Hotel & Casino Fremont Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Axle Mariani"
Chill, laid back, old school Vegas Style casino where you'll always find some interesting people to watch. The slots are fairly loose and the drinks are pretty strong. The cocktail servers, although rather slow to celebrate around, always provide great stories. The security staff, though, are the typical small town mentality with small minds. One of them, an elderly Asian woman(yes, an elderly security guard), didn't seem to know that my husband was with me and decided to, after 45 minutes of him gambling, ask him for his id(which he had). When he asked why, all of a sudden she was asking, she said, she had just seen him and he didn't look old enough and that she asks everyone. So, I had to enlighten her with a video of her standing behind my husband for a good 45 mins before hand and told her that if she wanted to assert some authority, she should try it on someone else and to keep her ego trips to herself