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Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino
West Wendover, Nevada
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The restaurant was fairly empty and we were seated quickly. Our orders were taken in a timely manner and our drinks and salad were brought out in reasonable time. After that I think we were forgotten. After we had been waiting long enough that we were about to go to the front desk to pay for the drinks and salad and go elsewhere for a meal, she brought out my meal, but said they were still working on my husbands. My meal was cold. As though it has been sitting out, not even under a heat lamp for the 45 min we had been waiting. I was starving so I began to eat anyway. ( yes it's rude to eat before my husbands meal arrived but he understood ) when his meal finally arrived she asked about mine, I admitted it was cold. She asked if I wanted to order something else. I told her I was too hungry to wait for something else, so the offered to microwave my meal. She did so. The good was not bad, but not boast worthy either. My husband who usually cleans his plate, left half of his food there. I doubt we will eat there again. This was not our first bad experience, But we had hoped the first time was a fluke.