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Bensalem, Pennsylvania
"A Google User"
Last month I was involved in a hit and run accident at this casino. I went in at about 9am... I was only going to be there for an hour, however it turned into six hours... lol Anyway, when I came out I noticed a car that looked like mine which was damaged. The bumper had a big dent and the taillight was broken. I looked at the plates and realized it was my car! I called the Bensalem Police and went inside and spoke with security. They immediately called to have a security officer meet me outside to get my info and wait for the police. The experience really stressed me out. Long story short, they reviewed the surveillance camera and found the individual responsible for the damage and forwarded it to the Bensalem Police. Thanks guys for reviewing the surveillance and finding out who damaged my vehicle. I'm so happy that your cameras worked!! Next time I will use valet parking... better safe than sorry. I'll be back next month for my b-day! Make sure I win big! It's a long ride home.