Jango Jo
Colorado Grande Casino
Cripple Creek, Colorado
"Jango Jo"
I am giving Maggies a 4 star because the breakfast staff is AMAZING! The food is always great. They are always ontop of it even when we bring in a 12 top at 8 am. They are great at what they do. The food is always good morning day or night. I cant stand the afternoon/evening crew though. I got takeout once. I stood in the main room with the bar and piano surrounded by maggues employees eating pizza hut with their boyfriends yelling and i mean yelling about stupid drama about a kitty and a cat some mother daughter duo in town. No one said high to me except a young scantily dressed cocktail waitress who obviously didnt even work in the restaraunt part. She got the guy who rang in my order. He came down with a tude. And as u watched him take my payment and such i realized he was taking money out and not putting it all in the drawer. Very odd.They forgot the soup the salad the dressing and dips for 4 of the 6 meals only to were edible and of course we didnt notice til we made it home. Had to push for a refund when we took it back down. We said we wanted a refund but instead they remade it and when we finally came back after getting food elsewhere they were pissy because they remade it and had to throw it away again. I told them i never asked for that and that when something is wrong with food i never take it back because who knows whos cooking and what their morals are with my food. The night staff is bad too. We sat at the bar because this tiny older lady was hemin and hawing about opening the second dining room. So we said bars fine. We flipped through the tv after ordering. I used the bar gun to get refills cause she was not worried about us. She brought us our food and proceeded to tell us.all about her and why shes working and blah blah blah. I dobt care im hungry and trying to converse fill my drink. But she didnt just kept talking. The food waa still great but not worth that we still havent been back except for breakfast because the breakfast ladies are ontop of it!!!