Jango Jo
Johnny Nolon's Casino
Cripple Creek, Colorado
"Jango Jo"
The food is decently priced and good. We stay nearby and get take out ever so often. Whenever we would go and get take out itd be an obstacle of where the order was. The first time i was told i called the downstairs bar and that it would be there after waiting upstairs for a WHILE. Then the next time it was upstairs. We went to eat there and had planned to eat at the bar. After we ordered and were getting drinks from the back of thr casino our seats had been taken and so we waited for the guy to come back. They set us at the awkward table on that weird middle level. Then a lady we hadn't even dealt with brought up a frw thinks they had stupidly forgot like salad dressing for salad and ketchup for fries you know comon sense stufd if youve ever waited a table in your life. She then rudely put it down and said youd get better service if you went to the right place to order. I wanted to hall back a b slap her but instead we just get better service all the other places we go and dont mess with her monthly tude. If you hate people customer service is not for you.