Reginald Tilghman
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Hanover, Maryland
"Reginald Tilghman"
Don't Go, they are only for your money. The more You lose the more hateful the staff gets for nothing at all. To many cameras judging people it's not a good place worker's not really wanting to work their. They rob you and anything happens to you it may not be taken seriously at all, you do the same they may make up some b.s and ban you. You could tip good, treat everyone respectful they don't care it's very one sided. A man could steal thousands from casino they let him back, weird isn't it? You do anything minor they will ban you!!! It's racist ideology mixed with dumb worker's who are lost to the job but not all. It's not a good place to go, you will leave broke and they Will look at you retarded.... Played in many casinos never seen the thievery like this one, but you Will see if you go!!!and worker's will know you racist and pure ones. Once you play a lot, you may not give them a reason to hate you or anything but you will see this among other weird things that happen!!!