Karen Lynch
Royal Dutch Hotel & Casino Europa Royal Dutch Hotel & Casino Europa
San Jose
"Karen Lynch"
AVOID this sad excuse for a hotel. It is worthy of a ZERO STAR RATING. We were slotted into this hotel, due to closure of the one we booked. OMG...NEVER before have I been in such FILTHY DIRTY STINKING DISGUSTING IGNORANT Environment. ONE NIGHT was enough. The rooms dated. Hard beds. Filthy. Stained bath. Broken wood in the bathroom. The shower was from the year form the year dot. Broken plug fittings There was shouting swearing and fighting at all hours. The corridors Stank of Wet Soiled nappies and Urine Certainly not family friendly in fact Not a nice place full stop STAY WELL CLEAR off this DUMP. Will ruin your holiday. Please ignore the ONE STAR RATING..This is seriously a ZERO RATING review. I have to agree with everything from the last review left.