Kim Mosley
Whiskey Pete's Hotel and Casino Whiskey Pete's Hotel and Casino
Primm, Nevada
"Kim Mosley"
We reserved two nights, if I had know the condition of the place, I would not have stayed two nights but I couldn't get my money back. And yes it was cheap and the saying is you get what you pay for, but I have stayed in much better places within the same price range without these issues. The whole place smelled bad and on top of that everything smelled of smoke. Take dirty old building and add cigarette smoke. We got in one of the elevators and the doors seemed as if they were not going to close. Very slow and the door to the emergency box had been ripped off at some point. Once in the room, we found it to be very dated. The A/C didn't work, so the room stayed pretty hot all night.The TV channels were all fuzzy and the next morning the TV wouldn't even come on. We had to unplug the TV to reset it. The bed was horrible hard. There was a night stand one each side of the bed, both had a handle hanging there ready to fall off. The sink plugged up when you turned on the water, it would eventually drain but don't let the water run for longer then a second. While taking a shower, glob's of black, moldy, shower gunk ran out from the shower door rails. In the hallway there was an ice machine, it had towels around it on the floor because it leaked water. Down in the casino, the men's bathroom had a bucket behind the toilet because the toilet leaked. And to top it all off, the slots didn't play. I don't expect to win or anything like that, don't get me wrong. But I would like to put money in and get a least more then 4 spins. I would not recommend this place to any one. It was dirty, it smelled, and things were broken. If I could give it zero stars I would Not a happy experience