Elizabeth Route
Tropicana Las Vegas Tropicana Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Elizabeth Route"
We stayed at the Tropicana during our most recent visit to LV. The room was a decent size and very clean. We did experience some issues with a non flushing toilet, called maintenance and the issues remained. The water pressure in the shower was mostly consistent, but the temperature would fluctuate a bit. Every interaction with hotel staff & housekeeping was very pleasant. I have read that some people did not like how far it was to walk to their rooms, we were in the far back tower and while it is a bit of a walk, it's past the noise of the casino, and is less distance than many other properties we have stayed at in Vegas. I was excited about the pool, many pools are shadowed mid afternoon by other buildings popping up - this one was in the sun - however, it was very busy - and part of the lounger space was blocked off. We had loungers basically inches away from each other and there really weren't enough to go around. You were not permitted to bring in the bottle of water from your hotel room - that was given by the hotel to you - to the pool. Bottled water there was $6. The casino itself isn't very large, also not a bad thing. I do wish that the indoor smoking bans would catch up with Las Vegas - it's a big turn off to have your space invaded by other people smoking. Overall this is a great property that is basically an inexpensive alternative to a newer, trendier location. It's convenient to pick up the Deuce(double decker bus that runs up and down the strip) -it's the first stop - easy to grab a seat - and easy to get to and from the airport quick. Saw the "new" show Cherry Boom Boom while we were there. Our tickets were very expensive, and there were more people on the stage than in the audience. I'm not sure this show will be there very long. We also went to the Laugh Factory, on site at the Tropicana. The show was very funny - and it was a blast. The theater is very old, and very small but the particular show we saw was fantastic