Johnny Le
Hollywood Casino - Toledo Hollywood Casino - Toledo
Toledo, Ohio
"Johnny Le"
Today i seen some messed up system in how this casino operates. I am never coming back, and never been so pissed off before going to a casino. Couldnt even enjoy my time as i watched everyone as they wait as well. No re-fillers not even at one machine to draw cash out for a clean 30 minutes as i walked around (0 of them). Its either you want to wait in a long line to get your money or you spend it all. Thats pretty sad that i havent even seen 1 cart pusher as they should already know that its going to be a busy day. Its not worth it and even living nearby i would go to MGM instead. I lost my interest here thanks for making me realize this. Cant enjoy my time = not worth going to. I dont exactly care if i do lose money.