Frank Schmidt
JACK Cleveland Casino JACK Cleveland Casino
Cleveland, Ohio
"Frank Schmidt"
Layout is awkward and cramped, parking is absurd- I'd rather walk from Strongsville than pay $25 and also risk being assaulted by the pan handlers that follow you as soon as you leave the casino, making a scene and trying to shame you into giving them money. Majority of the staff was rude and pretty clueless how public relations work. Bartender specifically- your job is to get me an overpriced drink I don't need your attitude because you're understaffed. Finally, the regular "rounders" in the poker room are the most deplorable human beings alive. You're playing 1-3 in Cleveland Ohio, not 500-1000 at Aria stop being a complete Dbag to every player that you don't see 5 times a week and acting like you invented the game. I didn't even lose money I made 300 and id still never sit at a table with these 3 clowns again, ridiculous. Go to Rivers, Mountaineer, or Columbus this place is not enjoyable