John Maddux
Golden Buffalo Casino & Resort Golden Buffalo Casino & Resort
Lower Brule, South Dakota
"John Maddux"
woow what was going to be a nice weekend turned to be a big mess I'm still trying to sort out. First they ask for a deposit 38 or something, ok so far so good, we check out the next day, they say pay the bill for 112.00 its wrong, but we will take care of it tomorrow, ok fine as long as you reverse it or get it right the following day theres a big line so I leave the staff making me feel embarrassed. Low and behold I get a charge of 112, 38, and 86 dollars for one night at a 2 star hotel wow great. My bank doesn't want to help, and I get the run around from the hotel, everybody like whats the big deal just pay it, its Vagas lol