Dale Ray
Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel and Gaming Complex Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel and Gaming Complex
Deadwood, South Dakota
"Dale Ray"
The Restaurant was good. I had the Duck "Wings" (actually legs but....) with an orange glaze that was tremendous. The steak was pretty good, cut was great but not seasoned at all and a little bland. I would give it 2 stars if I was including the attitude from our server, Coutney, who acted like we were totally disturbing her. Very dull, disinterested in us and kept rolling her eyes as she was walking away. It was our first time, never ate there before but we ordered the app right away. We needed a little time to order our entree but did so before the app came out and were gone half an hour before they closed so I'm not sure what her problem was. Her loss, in tip. We normally tip WAY better than that. But decent place to eat, prices just a little high for that kind of food. Previously had just cheesecake at the bar (they were slamming busy) with peach rum glaze that was incredible. We weren't adding that to her tab this night tho.