Ja Kim
Gold Strike Hotel & Gambling Hall Gold Strike Hotel & Gambling Hall
Jean, Nevada
"Ja Kim"
The Steak house! Not Dennys is excellent! Its small and to the back 5 of 5... Bar is 0/5 rude. Ok bars should be. After the second round im ask if i have a room... No... I have a 150k rv. Why the..... do I want a room here? No raised voice or swearing. I did ask is this some ploy to get me to pay for a room? Was told something about drunk driving??? WTF? Ditch the bar then! If anyone goes into a bar drinks any amount on alcohol then drives they are a IDIOT! and DUI! paid the bill and went to MY stocked bar... Lots of parking for big rv's and trucks. Guess I know why. Great steak and parking. Lol.