Jeff Sivils
Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Copa Cabana Casino Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Copa Cabana Casino
Palm Beach
"Jeff Sivils"
First off, the people of Aruba are extremely nice and are very accomodating. Loved the people!!! I would recommend Aruba to other but i would not recommend the Hyatt!!! Nice enough resort but we had lots of issues. We were informed hours before departure to aruba that you had to reserve seats at the pool and beach the day before at 4:00 pm and then had to be in your spot by 10:00 am or they would give your seats away. Then you had to stop what you were doing at 4:00 to book a seat for the next day. We like to vacation and relax on our schedule, not as dictated by the hotel. There was not enough seating st the pool to accomodate walk ups later in the day. Then, the hurricane a couple weeks prior to our visit had churned up a lot of seaweed, which wreaked of sewage...but only in front of the Hyatt. If you went 100 yards north or south of the resort...not necessarily Hyatt's fault but odd they were the only resort that seemed to have the problem. So, at this point we couldnt go to the beach or sit by the poo, so we tried relaxing in our room. BUT, they were doing construction on the elevators which was an insanely loud drilling/grinding/cutting noise all day long, which echoed through the entire resort! We had come just to relax but spent the entire time trying to figure out how to do that since our schedule didn't match up with Hyatt's requirements. Go to Aruba but find a different resort!!! In fairness, they did comp us $250 on our stay