David Cavanagh
Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
"David Cavanagh"
Old, sticky dated hotel. Very poor, very incompetent staff.... and then there is also the foul play aspect! I accidentally left my Apple watch in the room when checking out. It was out in the open on the side table. I alerted the hotel no longer than 10mins after checking out! I was still in the taxi to the airport! It turns out the watch was stolen from my room by cleaning staff! After numerous (approx 30-40) phone calls, all from me, two months later and a huge amount of follow up from my side and the hotel claimed no responsibility. I could go on here, but I won't. All I can do is recommend that no one go to this hotel. I will be writing similar on blog and travel websites elsewhere as this issue is just too bad to keep quiet on! STAY AWAY FROM HURRAHS VEGAS. THEY ARE A DISHONEST, POORLY STAFFED ESTABLISHMENT.