Traci Copeland
Coushatta Casino Resort Coushatta Casino Resort
Kinder, Louisiana
"Traci Copeland"
Coushatta is a great casino but the reason why I gave it 1 star is because the "security" is horrible. We stayed in Kinder a couple of months ago. We visited the casino several times and had a good experience until our last visit. A family members purse was stolen and within 2-3 minutes we realized it and notified security. They told us to wait while they reviewed the cameras. After 2 hours, we left because they never gave us an update even when we went to their front counter...We were staying less than 1/2 a mile from them and they had our phone number. Within an hour (it honestly felt like it was within 20 min but it could've been longer) of us being back in our room, they called and left a voicemail (we were trying to find the phone and JUST missed the call when it went to voicemail). We returned the call and asked to soak with the supervisor who we had been dealing with and who left us the message. A young lady gets on the phone and explains that they didn't see anyone take the purse, how they saw us go to the bathroom and suggested that we "left" it there then told us they couldn't even prove my family member even had a purse (yes we went to the bathroom AFTER it was stolen to make sure someone didn't empty it and dump it in there). This young lady was RUDE when we kept trying to describe the purse. She finally told us "you didn't have it here so we can't help you"... that's when I thought I was livid. Then I hear the supervisor in the background (the EXACT SAME supervisor who we had asked for at the very beginning of the call). After the argument on the phone, they notified the Coushatta Tribal Police and within 2 hours, Coushatta tribal police saw we had the purse, saw who took it, found her and retrieved the purse. We were then supposed to speak with the supervisor over security.... it's been 3 months and we still haven't heard from them