bruce duchesne
Hollywood Casino - Columbus Hollywood Casino - Columbus
Columbus, Ohio
"bruce duchesne"
Went to the casino with my wife Friday,10/21.I was playing blackjack,a announcement warning came over the loud speakers to leave the casino.The pit bosses were telling the dealers to cover up the chip trays.The announcement came on again and said to exit out the front doors.I went immediately to collect my wife from the slots where I knew she would be.There was a state of confusion in the casino some people were leaving most of the others just stayed where they were,playing slots,sitting at the gaming tables,in line at the buffet,and elsewhere.When we were exiting, there was security telling people it was just a test.If that was true their test failed.Why would a casino have a test warning on their busiest night of the week,the casino was packed. it was 6:55 pm ,the time for their 1st drawing.Very few people one knew what was happening.I left with my chips,my wife left with her slot scripts.We remembered the people who went back into their buildings on 9/11.