Tonya T
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Tonya T"
Jeninfer C. Is what can I say other than awesome. Always searching for the best rates, sailings, activities and unique plans for my groups big and small. She is personable, fun and has become a official extension of our family. :-). From our years of working together Jennifer knows what I need and what types of different experiences I try to share with my friends and family on each cruise. She constantly researches the options and keeps me within my budget. She is my personal touchstone to make sure I stay on track. Her professional and collaborative interactions with me keeps me returning each time for that positive partnership I have grown accustom to with her and CW. I enjoy working with Jennifer and I can see her smile through every phone and computer communication exchanges. She goes above and beyond to make my vacation wonderful. Thank you CW for my fabulous friend and cruise expert. Jen C. !