Kellie Peplinski
Casino Tropicana Casino Tropicana
"Kellie Peplinski"
We only came to Tropicana to eat dinner at Hooters because the wings are good and the prices are fair. Our waitress was incredibly sweet and attentive and took care of al of our needs. We sat by the window near the boardwalk- which is also right by the kitchen and gave us a bird's eye view of it. The kitchen wasn't horrible, but it could stand to be cleaned up a bit, and the trash was uncomfortably close to where the cooks were breading and frying the wings. There was no drink menu (they were in the process of redoing it? ) and when I did order a Malibu Bay Breeze, I paid 8 dollars for a glass of juice, as I've gotten stronger drinks for free on the casino floor.

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