Daniel Braksator
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"Daniel Braksator"
No amenities in the room, you would get more facilities in a cabin by the sea. Biggest issue I have though is that the hotel owners (MGM Resorts International) are all about selling you timeshares. As soon as you walk in the door on your first day they usher you over for your "welcome gift" or "free vouchers" or "show tickets" and trick you into giving them 50 bucks. It SEEMS like you are checking-in or talking to a concierge and redeeming something based on the length of your booking - but it's a scam. To get a partial refund of your 50 (and some other bogus prizes which are not what they seem to be) you have to take a bus out to the sticks where they trap you for 3-4 hours, waste your time, and get angry at you and treat you like crap for not wanting to buy a timeshare. Really ruins the whole Vegas experience. There's a saying in Vegas; "Not all bums are homeless" - and the people that run this hotel are bums. I would avoid all MGM resorts in the future - but even that isn't enough since they have hustlers working for them on the strip too. Other bad things: clogged shower drain, scary shaking elevator, very bad (old) Television which displays only a few channels but you have to find them among blank channels and the hotel's own advertising channels, shops/food inside the hotel are crap and overpriced. Housekeeping walked in on me in my underwear without knocking. Space, Bed, and view were OK. I also did a bit of research and can recommend NOT using the hotel's Avis car rental, use the one at the Tropicana instead (although hard to get to currently because the walkway to it from Excalibur is closed).