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San Manuel Casino San Manuel Casino
Highland, California
"HEcho En Me Home"
Hello I have been going to San Manuel Casino since the old casino was across the street in the years I have spent doing this I have won and lost that is why it is called gambling.You risk winning or loosing. For the most part staff members will do the job they were hired to do although I have had a few moments to where I was put aside for too long because of a machine going down or getting shut down while playing it so my money would be froze in the machine til about 40 min later when they would come and do a hand pay out. You guys should really work on that. Also I believe the $1 that you are charging for the drinks is just crazy because I remember when you would give free donuts. I understand some people just stick around but for the most part you guys get rid of them. Over all the new casino might be more fancy pretty and all but the old casino was much friendlier and more inviting. Thank you.