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Oct 14 '16 at 4:07

Gabriel Batiz

Gabriel Batiz
Do not ever stay at this hotel there are others. Every negative item noted earlier is true. Just returned from there. Outdated hotel, rooms are bare, electricity works when it wants, food is ok if you like eating the same thing everyday at the buffet, pimps and hookers every where, scammers everywhere (except the little guy Ramon, he just wants to go plates from the snack bar at 2:00 in the morning), alcohol sucks, beach sucks. BTW hotel beach area may be clean but walk next door and see what continues for a few miles and you will think twice about the area. Looks like Americans have realized this as mostly Europeans to be found. Hopefully you can read English and run away from this place. To my Russian friends, stop coming here. There are many more better places to be found. One last thing. Wifi is a ripoff and it does seem that policy changes as people say free in lobby or one hour free per day. After investigating for 3 days I found that wifi was free by the beach pool all day but it was like pulling teeth to find out so I made it my mission to tell every soul I passed that wifi was free by the beach pool.