Dorian Drake
Jacksonville Greyhound Racing Park and Bestbet Poker Room Jacksonville Greyhound Racing Park and Bestbet Poker Room
Jacksonville, Florida
"Dorian Drake"
Corrupt - Card shufflers know exactly where every card in the deck is I have read and release cards to make hands for certain seats / people and dealers. Write down the name of the shuffler and research yourself. Place a big bet against the dealer/ house 9 out of 10 times you lose. Place a small bet and you win once in awhile. That's easy for them on that side of the house. The other side Texas Holdem, ever notice it's the same select people being delt hand after hand? That's because the card shuffler cost about $15,000 to be able to stack the deck in the order house wants stacked. Statistically, probability of sequences of cards obvious corruption. Write down the name of the card shuffler and google yourself. The ones that win big hand after hand seem part of the house corruption. I and others that played there long enough firmly believe this. Be one of the best poker players in the state? You will be delt monster hands and be beat by runner runner. Wait you have the nuts on the turn, they got you - here comes one of the two outs the opponent needed to complete a higher boat, quads, or straight flush. That's why suits in management with there ear buds in for communication are so forcefully knowing exactly what seat at the table everyone is in. To the point the even have a few players with wireless head phones them in moving them around to table to table on big nights stealing as much as the can.