Salome Block
Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino
Santa Fe, New Mexico
"Salome Block"
This was the worst stay of my life at any hotel and the customer service at every turn was the worst I have ever experienced. And while I do not frequent hotels, I have stayed in my fair share of them including this one in the past. Booking the room was unnecessarily difficult and the price I was quoted on the phone was not the price that my confirmation email reflected. Upon check in I was further charged a $50/night fee that would be refunded upon checkout. The maid threw away $40 worth of my things that were nowhere near the trash can. When I checked out the charge was taken out of my hotel fee and a day later when the charge went through I thought everything was fine. This was not the case. The next day I was further charged for my room including the $50/night fee. This booking has been a hell no decent "resort" would in their wildest dreams inflict upon any guest!