Crystal Casino & Hotel Crystal Casino & Hotel
Compton, California
Oct 16 2016. My truck was stolen from parking garage under hotel that i was mislead in believing it was safe and secure Told vehicles outside gate are stolen but not in gated garage with security cameras 10 which they refuse to provide the police and my wife and i copy of video. We were aloud to view in the office only saw the entire theft but denied evidence because it is an employee of theirs they are covering up for. Do not go to this place , vehicles are broken into stolen rooms broken into and nothing is done because this place refuses to corporate. They have zero hospitality, zero compassion for anyone whose been a victim of theft or auto theft. Video shows the entire theft and yet they refuse to help guest staying at hotel. False since of security mis representing your vehicle is safe in their gated parking garage which has a camera when code is entered for entry, 2 cameras for garage viewing entry and exiting, and 5 more in parking garage. Please people we are vehicle less now i lost my job because i had liability on an older truck and were stuck in bind with no way back to AL these people wont protect YOUR property only show video but not gibe it to help police investigations. Dont be a victim like we are and loose your job and no way back to home state This is happening on regular basis and they dont warn anyone that its happening. Behind a secure gate with code needed cameras security under hotel which is for hotel guests and employees only Dont go this will happen to you and they will cover it up protect the thief not you Do not go by the grace of god please dont let this be you too.