Janet Harris
Creek Casino Montgomery Creek Casino Montgomery
Montgomery, Alabama
"Janet Harris"
My sister and I were there for two nights after spending a night at Wetumpka, the room was lovely but the second night their was a problem with the air conditioning, so we had to move to another room. This room was very nice as well, but in all the confusion I left a brand new blouse in the closet and didn't realize it until after we had checked out and were on our way home. I called aND was told that they had it, but could not mail it to me, and that they would only keep it for seven days. Most hotels gladly send you anything that you have left. I would even pay for it just to get it back. MY seven days are not up yet, but I live four hours away. You should add this service to your customer service. If not, people check, check and check to make sure you have everything or you can forget about seeing it again.