Jamie McFarlane
Casino New Brunswick
Moncton, New Brunswick
"Jamie McFarlane"
Everytime we go to the Casino we have a poor experience with the security staff. They make you feel like you've done something wrong. When we arrived tonight we both walked up the the counter and my wife was on my side. We both passed our id's to the guard and he kept telling my wife "Stand over here!" In an aggressive authoritative manner. He must have said it like 3 times. We had no idea what he meant as we were both at the counter. It seems as though this man felt powerful by telling my wife that he'd like her to stand a few feet to the left. I was infuriated that he would speak to her like that. The security is often the first point of contact when you enter the casino. I have no idea why they don't have formal training on how to greet guests. I understand that checking I'D is essential but being friendly and hospitable isn't too much to ask.