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Oct 27 '16 at 22:37

G S Woo

G S Woo
We paid for a late checkout at 3 pm and left the "Privacy Please" sign on our door when we left for lunch. Upon entering the room at 2:20 pm our room had been cleaned and emptied! I called the front desk and it took over 30 minutes for security to come. Part of the missing items were 4 bottles of champagne. An assistant manager Cassandra said that even when alcohol is left behind the cleaning associates do not remove it, they are to call a manager to come collect the alcohol. The cleaning associate played dumb to all the items I disclosed as missing but admitted there were bottles of champagne. She said she left them in the hallway but now they're gone (another employee admitted to throwing them away). An executive by the name of Claudia Hernandez came up to our room and said the employee admitted to throwing out our possessions (including multiple items of clothing) but as an executive she could offer us nothing! Not even a true apology that her employees so carelessly failed to follow guidelines that would have prevented our items from being thrown in the trash. How insulting. We were told to wait for Risk Management to contact us and we weren't given any follow up information. I would warn someone not stay here because they do not follow their own policies to ensure business operates smoothly and they do not have any remorse when they make humongous errors. Mistakes are bound to happen in any business and the true character of a business is shown by how they handle errors in which they were negligible. Stay away. You shouldn't leave vacation feeling as if you were robbed.