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Oct 27 '16 at 5:07

Christopher Bagwell

Christopher Bagwell
Terrible experience after a very scary ride malfunction. Visited the Stratosphere to go to the observation deck while my wife rode the rides at the top. She and her mom rode x-scream and after riding the other rides came back to go again, this time in the front seats. Everyone was locked in and the ride started. It was supposed to fling them off the edge of the building 4 times but after the first go, the operator stopped the ride because a guy in the 3rd row had accidently unbuckled his secondary safety buckle. Like most roller coasters this one has a heavy duty lap bar and a secondary buckle that should only ever be necessary in a catastrophic failure. After everyone was double checked by both attendants and they had stepped off the platform, her lap bar, and hers alone clicked and came undone. She screamed to have them not start the ride, and luckily the operator noticed but her bar was completely loose and if the ride had started, she would have been flung out of the ride over 900 feet in the air. She immediately exited the ride and spoke with a manager. The manager confirmed that all the lap bars are on the same release mechanism and there is no reason one should have unlocked and not the others. Which means it couldn't have been an accidental release from the operation booth. We were refunded but it was terrifying. I don't know how often these things are checked. After that malfunction I have no trust in them. For your safety, I would never risk going on those rides.