Cam Dickison
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Punta Cana
"Cam Dickison"
great resort , very friendly helpful staff, they own 2 other resorts next door that you can use as well which turns it into a very large complex . my complaint is with customs when arrived at the punta cana airport . all was good until i was told surprise ,they wanted " FINGER PRINTS " from canadians. i think they took prints from most who got off the plane. ive never given my prints to anyone, why would i give them to a country im visiting. i asked some americans there if they were done and said no. im concerned that there was no mention of this at anytime before showing up at customs in the airport .what is a person to do in a foreign country when they insist on you giving them. i felt lost and figured you would be jailed for refusing. i gave in and carried on . what did they want them for? just to get a passport things are checked before you get on the plane and they inspected luggage etc already . it seems canadians and their money are great but cant be trusted in the Dominican Rep. if i had known this i would not have booked the trip. what happens with them now? i dont believe anything they would tell you and who would. BE ADVISED CANADIANS YOU WILL LIKELY BE PRINTED!! i think Sunwing should be advising of this as it is not normal. im sure it will have a profound effect on business when the word gets out.