Jonny Naylor
Royal Dutch Hotel & Casino Europa Royal Dutch Hotel & Casino Europa
San Jose
"Jonny Naylor"
very very poor hotel, would never stay again!! rooms are in need of an update and a good clean, was very dirty (hair all left in the bath and behind the toilet) beds were very uncomfortable and one was even broken, and bedding had holes in!! walls were so thin you could hear every little noise and furniture being moved around etc, got woke up every morning by the lady in the next room drying her hair!! there were people drunk shouting and banging on doors at 3-4 in morning and every security had to ask to keep noise down, several times, but even still they continued so security left them too it, but walls were so thin it kept you awake, our balcony overlooked a football pitch, nice to watch but was really loud. payed for all inclusive but felt so uncomfortable in the hotel didn't eat or drink so cant comment on the food, only stayed 3 nights and couldn't wait to come home, would defo recommend if goin for a stag or hen party if you dont mind where you sleep at the end of the night but would under no circumstances take kids to this hotel!!!!!!! got to hotel at 2 in the morning and the receptionist wasn't welcoming at all just gave us the room key, so had to ask which floor we were on, (really unhelpful) had to pay for internet, and telly and even a locker to keep luggage in before we got pick back up!! over all it was a bad experience, the hotel and staff was poor, two lifts even broken down on separate days while we were there (and we only stayed 3 nights!!) stay well clear of this hotel wouldnt even give it a 1 star!!!