Marlene Mendez
Paradise Plaza Casino - Santo Domingo Paradise Plaza Casino - Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo
"Marlene Mendez"
My experience at this hotel was negative , ive stayed at hotels that were simple, no beach, small, no entertainment and had a better experience, why? Because it was clean and service was great. At The Hamaca hotel I can not say the same. It was not clean, the sheets had stains, there was mold, we had to switch rooms 3 times one of them being there was a ton of roaches in the room, id say we killed about 15 roaches in one spot, cats walking around the buffet dinning area and you get a wiff of cat poop, food was ok but same thing everyday, servers come to you once and then you have to search for them afterwards. The beach area seems ok untill you look at all the beach chairs and pool side beds are diiiirty and stained. I feel this place was once good and its going down hill, the manegers need to be more on top of their employees to get things running smoothly, remember cleanliness and good service is very important. I can say i will not recommend this place to anyone and I will not be back.