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"angela martinez"
To all traveler who have being looking into this hotel for their stay in Dominican Republic , Santo Domingo don't due it . I stay in this resort from Friday until Sunday morning , some one went in to my room and stole $600 dollars from my purse . I report the robbery to the manager on Saturday night wen I notices my money was missing , there response was so idiotic that i just left the hotel . According to the manager and the hotel rules if you don't have your belonging in a safe which you have to rent from them there are not responsible for the items in your room . So at this point even when you are paying for a room that those not even meets your expectations of what you saw online , you have to worry about the employees that have access to your room going in and stealing from you . Smsh!!! ...The funny things is that they don't let anyone in with out the stupid hand band that they put on you once you checking they prided them self on security and their own employees go in the room and steal from their guest.....