Natasha Veneska
Jacksonville Greyhound Racing Park and Bestbet Poker Room Jacksonville Greyhound Racing Park and Bestbet Poker Room
Jacksonville, Florida
"Natasha Veneska"
I don't like either Jax or Orange Park locations. They don't have free drinks..etc. Water and coffee should be free at least. Also, they dont have a frequent player reward program, like every other poker room in the country. Sage and Ryan are classic Nazi floor managers that are cold and unfriendly. They are always right about everything, even when they are wrong. Neither has ever said Hi to me in more than 5 years I have been playing in Jax. Although I have said hi to them plenty of times. Jeff and Mike are like that at the OP location. They have that get lost attitude when you engage them. All of the other floor managers are cool. Debra and Mike are the best at Jax. Todd and Jason at OP. The one good thing I like here is the Chicken sandwich in a wrap. It really is awesome, and all I order here.

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