Rok Har
Choctaw Casino Resort Choctaw Casino Resort
Durant, Oklahoma
"Rok Har"
Butterfield buffet, as someone stated earlier has gone way down hill. You use to be able to pay like $15 per person (with discount), but has since been raised $10, so now it's $25 per person. You'd think that a $25 buffet would at least be better than say, chili's or even cicis pizza, but not this one. We went on a Friday night, my girlfriend got shrimp and some other things, her shrimp smelled like socks. I got crab and mussels, both of which had a strange dirty-sock/dishwasher musk to it. I ate a few and found them to have that smell turn into an aftertaste. We complained because, well at $15, okay whatever, but at $25, this was unacceptable. The manager came to our table and simply said "I'll see what I can do" and that was it. No attempt to bring us a fresh batch or offer a refund or anything. We won't be returning to this buffet and I urge anyone to not subdue their taste buds to this travesty of a buffet. All the other food was very bland at best, casino seems fine, blew $20 but was more mad about about $75 we blew at the buffet. We may stop going in general but, well, at least there's free soda in the casino, perhaps I can make my money back by drinking my fill whenever I go.