Alan Pavel
Casino Royale and Hotel Casino Royale and Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Alan Pavel"
Susan, Patty, LeeAnn, and one other cocktail server provide exceptional service. However when they are not there service is poor or non-existant. Twice in the last two weeks I was there over two hours, and nobody came by. The change light was on to get someone's attention, but nobody responded. On one occasion I had to phone a floor person to serve me. I have been a regular here for many years, and am thinking about taking my business elsewhere. There has been continual riff raff loitering around the machines harassing and panhandling, many times boisterous, hovering, and disruptive. I am here to relax and enjoy, not deal with these types of people. Also, there are frequently very loud and obnoxious crowds of people who are disruptive.