Brian Davaadorj
Lucky Strike Casino & Lounge Lucky Strike Casino & Lounge
Minot, North Dakota
"Brian Davaadorj"
i tried to go and bowl with my family there for 3 times but had to go back home because they always have some sort of tournaments going on and they give away the whole bowling alley. Only time they would have is after 10pm which is too late for our family because we have smaller kids. when i asked when is good time to come and bowl they told us only on Sundays evenings. We have work and school on Mondays so it is not really good day for us. after i had 3 unsuccessful bowling nights i went on their website hoping to see some sort of schedule showing whats going on at the bowling alley and possibly reserve some evening that would work for our family but nothing i could find with such information. if you are like me and occasionally get in the mood of taking your family and friends for bowling night GOOD LUCK. Because most likely you will not be able to bowl there at family friendly hours which is between 6pm - 9pm.